pro-solutio GmbH offers customer-oriented, individual solutions for your company. We combine professional methods with the personal touch, enabling us to fulfil your company's requirements to the letter. Our goal when consulting is to implement practicable solutions efficiently, not to present you with concepts.

In our view if a project is to succeed a consultant or interim manager must be prepared to accept responsibility. Another key factor in the success of a project is the acceptance of the solution to be implemented on the part of the company concerned. That's why inclusion of the individuals and/or departments concerned and knowledge transfer are an important part of our work, in order to ensure that the concepts to be put into practice within the company are "lived". 

At pro-solutio GmbH you do not purchase anonymous blocks of time but experienced managers who are at your disposal during the entire project, from the initial commission to the end of the project; working on location and through the implementation of the concepts. Our consultants display social skills as well as management and technical knowledge. 

Improving the value of your company is our consulting goal when we take on a commission. Our mission is to give you value for money.

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